Voter ID laws are one of the hot-button issues we face today in America.

Those on the right side of the aisle, according to Ballot Pedia generally argue "requiring voter identification prevents voter fraud, that voter identification laws do not decrease minority voter turnout, and that requiring identification to vote is not burdensome." While those on the left claim "voter identification laws are a burden for many voters, that voter identification laws target minorities, and that in-person voter fraud is rare."

The recent uproar in regards to the subject is due to Democrats attempting to fast-track the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act.

And now, it's just another reason for those on Republicans to denounce the Democrats as 'crazy leftists overreacting to non-existent issues of voter suppression' and Democrats to say 'Republicans are racist.'

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Joni Ernst, an Iowa senator representing the Right, said this in a column via the Indianola Independent Advocate:

Right now, using fake hysteria, my Democratic colleagues are trying to blow up the Senate and federalize our elections. Their proposals seek to limit voter ID, legalize ballot harvesting, provide taxpayer money to campaigns, and weaponize the Federal Election Commission.

She also referenced a recent speech by President Joe Biden, where he likened those who are pro-Voter ID laws to segregationists George Wallace and Jefferson Davis:

Ernst continued, citing Iowa's voter turnouts since 2017, "when the Iowa legislature modernized our state’s election laws — which included requiring voter ID."

This is what she had to say:

Many Democrats warned the law was ‘dangerous,’ an ‘unnecessary hurdle,’ and a ‘significant barrier’ for anyone who is not a white male. They could not have been further from the truth. Three times since the new Iowa voter law was implemented, the state has seen record-high turnout for elections. This includes record high absentee voting during the 2020 presidential election, and record off-year turnout in 2021.

Not only does she advocate for the use of voter ID, she believes Democrats are using their current cause to draw more votes to their party.

The Left has manufactured a voting crisis in this country in a blatant attempt to destroy the Senate and take control of America’s elections. This isn’t about voter access; it’s about power. It’s the same power grab that liberal elites in Washington made in their rush to steal Iowa’s Second Congressional District — now held by Congresswoman Miller-Meeks — and silence Iowans’ voices. Voters in Iowa should decide who we choose to represent us, not politicians in Washington.

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