The school year is getting ready to begin, but before it does, there's always the annual Iowa Sales Tax Holiday.

It's a staple of back-to-school shopping. It's something that always marks the end of summer. It's the sales tax holiday. Before you start making your list and planning where you'll go shopping, the Iowa Department of Revenue has a few things you need to know about this year's Sales Tax Holiday first.

I can't believe it's already that time of the year but here we are.


The Dates

The Sales Tax Holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, August 4th and will end at midnight on Saturday, August 5th. Note that Sunday isn't part of the holiday.

The Deals

Businesses that are open on those two days in Iowa have to participate. The state of Iowa has a pretty detailed list on what will be taxable and what will be exempt for the holiday. This is when you can get the kids (and you) fall clothes. Jackets, jeans, sneakers, even pajamas are all sales tax exempt. However, other school supplies like backpacks will still be taxable. If your kiddo is into sports, note that a lot of sports supplies and athletic gear aren't exempt either. Accessories like wallets, watches, and jewelry are also still taxable during the holiday.

Gift certificates, according to the state, aren't taxable on the holiday either. If shopping online is more your speed, you can still get those qualifying sales tax-exempt items at the deal if you buy them during the holiday.

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