It's official! According to WalletHub, Iowans hards work is PAYING OFF! We're one of the top hardest working US states according to their survey.

Our humble state with the second lowest unemployment rate in the country was ranked #14 (out of 50) beating out Minnesota (15h), Wisconsin (20th )and Illinois (42nd)! North Dakota, which pulled in the TOP spot, was the only Midwestern state to beat us out.

The metric, as used by WalletHub to come to this conclusion is:

Direct Work Factors – Total Points: 80

  • Average Workweek Hours: Triple Weight (~36.92 Points)
  • Employment Rate: Full Weight (~12.31 Points)
  • Share of Households where No Adults Work: Full Weight (~12.31 Points)
  • Share of Workers Leaving Vacation Time Unused: Half Weight (~6.15 Points)
  • Share of Engaged Workers: Half Weight (~6.15 Points)
  • Idle Youth (16-24) Rate: Half Weight (~6.15 Points)

Indirect Work Factors – Total Points: 20

  • Average Commute Time: Full Weight (~5.00 Points)
  • Share of Workers with Multiple Jobs: Full Weight (~5.00 Points)
    Note: This metric was calculated as share of employed population with multiple jobs among total employed population.
  • Annual Volunteer Hours per Resident: Full Weight (~5.00 Points)
  • Average Leisure Time Spent per Day: Full Weight (~5.00 Points)

You can read more and see who else besides North Dakota works harder by checking out the full story here.