It's that time of the year to possible indulge a little and this proves that Midwesterners love their booze.

According to the latest Centers For Disease Control data, seven of the 10 "drunkest cities" in the U.S. are in Wisconsin. The state of Iowa has two cities, including Ames at #8 and Iowa City at #19. Not that it's something to necessarily celebrate. The rankings aren't quite as light-hearted as "America's Top Party School" or "America's Best Nightlife". This study was based on three factors, all of which are giant downers: The percent of adults who binge drink...alcohol-related fatal driving accidents...and premature alcohol-related deaths. Yikes!

The top 10 drunkest cities are:
1. Appleton, Wisconsin
2. Oshkosh, Wisconsin
3. Green Bay, Wisconsin
4. Madison, Wisconsin
5. Fargo, North Dakota
6. La Crosse, Wisconsin
7. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
8. Ames, Iowa
>Pct. adults drinking to excess: 24.4%
>Pct. driving deaths involving alcohol: 11.8%
>Premature death: 214 deaths before age 75 per 100,000

9. Eau Claire, Wisconsin
10. Mankato, Minnesota.
19. Iowa City, Iowa
>Pct. adults drinking to excess: 23.2%
>Pct. driving deaths involving alcohol: 24.6%
>Premature death: 249 deaths before age 75 per 100,000

When you expand out to the top 20, there are five more cities in them 12 of the top 20 spots. As, Iowan's, we like to be pretty competitive with our surrounding states, but in this case, you can have this "award" Wisconsin.

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