As someone who isn't the biggest fan of soda (or pop as Iowans call it) this isn't too devastating to me.

Growing up, the main drink that my parents would place on the dinner table in front of my plate would be water or apple juice. I drank so many of those Juicy Juice boxes as a kid, I swear my blood must've been made up of 80% apple juice.

While I'm not the biggest fan of soda/pop, I know plenty of people who love it. When I moved out to Iowa three years ago, I quickly learned that people in the Midwest are obsessed with one of these drinks!

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Unhealthiest Drinks on the Planet


A new study came out from the website EatThis that ranked "The 25 Unhealthiest Drinks on the Planet."

This entire list is ranked based off of sugar and how much of it is in these drinks. (47%).

Men should be consuming nine teaspoons of added sugar a day, and women should be consuming six teaspoons.

Let's put that into perspective...

The average twelve-ounce soda can contain about eight teaspoons of this added sugar. According to the AHA, that's about 32 grams.

Iowa's Favorite Drink Ain't Gonna Cut It

A few years ago, we determined Iowa's favorite pops!

And unsurprisingly, the ultimate soft drink in Iowa is....



Mtn Dew Fans Closer Than Courtside At Courtside Studios During All-Star 2020
Getty Images for MTN DEW

The drink was originally made in Tennessee back in the 1940s and has become a huge staple for any Midwesterner's fridge.

According to the report from EatThis, Mountain Dew is the seventh unhealthiest drink on this list. The average bottle has about forty-six grams of added sugar.

What Are Some of the Other Drinks on this List?

  1. Naked Mighty Mango Juice, 57 grams of sugar
  2. Naked Blue Machine Juice, 55 grams of sugar
  3. Monster Energy Drink, 54 grams of sugar
  4. AriZona Sweet Tea, 53 grams of sugar
  5. Naked Green Machine, 53 grams of sugar
  6. Starbucks Frappucino, 47 grams of sugar
  7. Mountain Dew, 46 grams of sugar
  8. Welch's Grape Juice, 44 grams of sugar
  9. Barq's Root Beer, 44 grams of sugar
  10. AriZona Green Tea, 42 grams of sugar

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50 Discontinued Soda Pops

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