The flu is no joke.

According to KWWL, 4-year-old Jade Delucia was found unresponsive on Christmas Day and rushed to the hospital. Upon arrival, Jade started seizing and was then air evacuated to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. The family did not know what was wrong and if she would even survive.

After getting the seizing under control and multiple tests, the doctors found out that Jade contracted Influenza B which had gotten into her brain and was causing her to fight for her life. Two weeks is how long Jade was attached to multiple machines with no idea as to if she would wake up. The MRI results had also shown extreme brain damage so even if she did wake up the doctors had no idea what her condition was going to be.

It was a few days after New Year's by the time little Jade opened her eyes and moved. Thankfully, the family has more hope for Jade to recover fully and for them to be able to take her home. Unbeknownst to Jade's family and to most of us, the flu can cause these extreme cases that leave people fighting for their lives, so it is important now more than ever for parents to be aware of the flu and get their selves and their kids their shots. Use this case as your motivation to keep you and your kids healthy.

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