If you live in Iowa, you can answer this question. Other than Iowa, what do you love more than anything else? If a certain Instagram person is correct, you answered Minnesota.

If this news comes as a surprise to you, you're not alone. My jaw is still bruised from when it hit the floor after reading this. Matt Shirley is famous on Instagram for documenting what state other states hate the most. He turned the tables and decided to show the love - literally.

The only part of Matt's map that surprised me more than Iowa allegedly loving Minnesota is that he's showing Wisconsin, North and South Dakota also loving Minnesota. Sure this can't be correct, can it?

Side note: what are you thinking Michigan? You love FLORIDA? Hilarious. Missouri and Kansas loving Colorado sounds about right. No one loving Kansas (including Kansas) also sounds correct.

Back to the Minnesota love thing. I don't have a specific dislike of Minnesota other than the Vikings and Twins. Duluth seems nice and their hiking trails near the Great Lakes would be nice to visit. However, "love" is a rather strong word.

What about you? Is Minnesota getting a Christmas card from you? Is that as good as it gets when you imagine somewhere other than Iowa? I'm guessing this Matt Shirley on Instagram is not quite on point with his theory, but that's just me.

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