Evansdale has been in the news lately because of the possible UFO's sightings along highway 20, but the neighbors in the Casebeer Heights area aren't "alien" to the latest in decorating trends.

A few weeks ago, as my wife and I took a walk around our neighborhood, we noticed one of our neighbor's front doors was glowing. We both said, "wow, that's really cool"! Turns out, they had hung L.E.D. lights around the frame of their doorway. I realize that there are many creative ways to utilize L.E.D. lighting around your home and even in your car, but I've never seen this one. Then again, I don't "get out" much, but I do have to say, it sure feels good to be a "trendsetter" for once.

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We found a set of flexible L.E.D. strip lights at a local "big box" store for just $14.99. So, it's a relatively inexpensive decorating idea.

The lights come in a variety of colors and the handy remote lets you program which colors you want. Plus, you can set them to multiple flashing or fading modes. We prefer the "soft fade", as it makes for a soothing and relaxing effect as people pass by. If you set it to flash, it looks like you have a sale going on, it's just "too much" and probably annoying to your neighbors.

Many people use L.E.D. lighting to illuminate steps, on patio decks, behind TV/computer screens, in your car, kitchens, and bedrooms, along with dozens of other uses.

Photo by: Ryan Topliff
Photo by: Ryan Topliff

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