It just seems like it isn't Christmas until all these things are done.

Sometimes it just takes a tradition to make you feel like it's actually the holiday. Sometimes it's just as something simple as setting up the tree or just the fact that it's after Thanksgiving. But a few of these things are so universal, that you don't even feel that they are traditions... just things that have to happen in order for it to feel like the Christmas season and it isn't until they are done.

Driving around to look at Christmas lights

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This is always funny to me because I don't want to really decorate my yard but I totally appreciate the people who do. It always looks good and people do a fantastic job.

Eat a candy cane

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It really is the best way to freshen breath before meeting up with family or spending time under the mistletoe during the Christmas season.

Recreating the Dumb and Dumber sword fight scene with wrapping paper tubes

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This is an absolute Must-Do. What else would you do with the empty wrapping paper tubes, throw them away? I don't think so.

Throw on a Christmas sweater

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Seems like everyone had a closet with an article of clothing with this pattern on it.

Lay on the couch with all the lights off except for the light from the Christmas tree.

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This is by far my favorite thing to do at Christmas. No phone, no iPad, no laptop. Just taking some alone time to reflect and enjoy the light of the tree. Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit more than just having the tree on.