A family in Texas set up their Christmas decorations to look like the scene from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" complete with a dummy of Clark Griswold hanging from the gutter.

Well...someone saw it a few days ago, thought it was a real person, and tried to come to his rescue. Normally, we would make fun of someone that is so gullible, but in this case, he's a retired veteran, so we'll give him a "free pass" on this one. There's a famous scene in the movie where Clark Griswold is putting up Christmas decorations, he slips on the roof, and winds up hanging from the gutter.

Margo: I hope he falls and breaks his neck.
Todd: I'm sure he'll fall. But I don't think we're lucky enough to have him break his neck.

The Heerlein family in Austin, Texas we're trying to win the neighborhood Christmas lights decorating contest, when they decided to recreate the scene from the movie. So they got a dummy, dressed him up like Chevy Chase in that scene, and positioned him so he was hanging from their gutter.

A man, only identified as "Alfred" was walking by and thought the dummy was real...he even tried to move the ladder and save the dummy, yelled for help, then called "911". It was all captured on video, of course. Fortunately, everything got smoothed over quickly once a police officer got there...and the Heerleins even gave the guy a gift card.

The police aren't making them take down the decorations...but they did put up a sign letting people know it's fake.

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