So how "nice" are we talking here to go live at this New Zealand estate?

There is a German millionaire who recently bought a gorgeous New Zealand estate and is now taking applications for people to come join him in living here. According to People, Karl Reipen wrote in an New Zealand Herald that he wanted to share this estate with nice people.

"I would like to share my ‘paradise’ with nice people, up to 10 (women and men). They could live in houses by two persons and share a beautiful winery for social meetings and dining."- New Zealand Herald via People

So what qualifies 10 lucky people to live here? Well I guess they have to be nice (although I am not sure how one defines this) and they also must be 70 years or younger to live here. Apparently allowing people to stay in a high end establishment has always been a dream of the German millionaire. So, if you have been nice this year, you just may be tapped to live in New Zealand next year..... guess that means I am out.


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