Recently, we explored all the fun you can have at home with the Grout Museum and their various educational videos. They also have many other on-line resources as well on Grout Museum's website to hold all the museum enthusiasts over until they re-open again.

The Visitor Services team has created and uploaded new Home Activity Bundles to their online store. These bundles come in a wide variety of item categories and price levels. The bundles give children something to do and learn about while they are at home during this unique time. Prices ranges for the bundles are $10, $20, and $30 and shipping is free! There's also a big selection of memorabilia, merchandise, gift cards and more in their store.

The Grout's annual Spring Break Membership Sale has been extended for the duration of their closure. Its their largest sale of the year for memberships. Until they re-open, save $30 on Family or Grandparent Memberships using discount code SPRING20.

Grout Museum also boasts one of the largest collections of veteran interviews in the country with their Voices of Iowa Oral History Project. Currently, they have over 1600 interviews from 70 counties. As since we're not able to visit the museum right now, ordering their Voices of Iowa DVD is a great idea. Copies are $12.00 and shipping is free!

Lastly, check out this fun interactive activity. Go to the Grout's Facebook page, and look for the post called “Find the Soldiers”. They are hiding toy soldiers throughout the exhibits and posting pictures. People can comment on the post with their guesses as to how many soldiers they can spot in the photo. Then they'll randomly select one winner from the correct comments and send them a prize!

Hopefully, sometime soon we can get back to visiting one of our area's favorite attractions in person. In the meantime, everything mentioned here are great options to help support the Grout Museum and provide you and your family with some entertainment as well.

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