As the coronavirus pandemic continues many parents may be struggling to keep their kids entertained. The Grout Museum is here to help.

One of the few positives to come out of this crisis is...parents are getting to spend a lot of quality time at home with their kids. I'm sure "home-schooling" has it's challenges, you can only do so many worksheets, am I right? It's also hard trying to find a balance between "learning time" and "fun" time. So here's a great way to mix the two together. Check out the Grout Museum's YouTube channel. Kids love watching videos, so they're distracted and not bugging you, whoops, I mean they're entertained and it's a sneaky way to squeeze in some more educational time.

The Grout's educational videos are all awesome.

Learn about snakes, tortoises, tarantulas and bearded dragons with their Imaginarium Animal Spotlight. Maybe get adventurous with some at-home experiments with their Sci-Friday videos. The little ones will love Toddler Time with Gabby & Gabby.

Finally, parents can chill out with their Collections Showcase or Voices of Iowa highlights.

The Grout Museum's motto is "Touch it, See it, Feel it". Well, for now, we can only "see it", but hopefully sometime soon we can get back together and "touch, see and feel" everything the Grout has to offer in person.

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