Huge congratulations to this Grinnell, Iowa man who just won a huge sum of money with the Iowa lottery. We've seen some massive wins in the past, like this woman who won $500,000, we've seen veterans pull winners this past month, and we've seen someone pull 2 winners with 3 tickets in previous years.

This Grinnell man pulled a pretty solid winner but what makes his win so interesting is the amount he won. It's one of the most random sums of money I've ever seen in a lottery win.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

Iowa Lottery Winnings

Robert Hurst won a total of $67,043.45 playing the Iowa Lottery's "Jumbo Bucks Progressive, which is incredible! I don't know if anyone in the world would turn down $67,043.45. My question for you is, have you ever seen such a random amount won by someone in the lottery?

Jumbo Bucks Progressive is an InstaPlay game that features a jackpot that starts at $5,000 and increases with every ticket sold statewide until it's won. Tickets are $5...which confuses the heck out of me. If tickets are $ can there possibly be a winning amount of $67,043.45? Either way, pretty awesome for Robert!

He told the Iowa Lottery

I stopped and bought a fire safe to put the ticket in for the weekend. I usually play the progressive InstaPlays, and I saw the Jumbo Bucks (jackpot) was getting up there, so I bought four of them.

Robert's winning ticket was purchased at Casey's, at 170 36th Ave. SW in Altoona.

When you purchase a ticket for the Progressive InstaPlay, the game has whatever the current jackpot is printed on each ticket. When one of his tickets showed the jackpot had reset, he thought someone else must've just won it. He told the Iowa Lottery

I'm thinking, 'Man, someone just won it. I looked at my next ticket, it was the current jackpot, and the third line down, I saw I matched the numbers for the progressive jackpot.

After having a store employee verify his ticket was a winner, he felt "pretty lucky."

Plans for the Winnings

Robert and his wife seem to have a pretty solid plan in place for their big win. Robert told the Iowa Lottery that they have been doing some home renovations and this win will help cover the cost of those. They plan on putting the rest in their savings and enjoying life.

InstaPlay games range in price from $1 to $30. For more information visit Iowa Lottery. Always remember to gamble responsibly.

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