It's looking like Labor Day Weekend is going to be perfect for fishing. So, bust out the poles and worms and go get yourself some food. A little help from the Iowa DNR doesn't hurt either. Here's the 'Fishing Report' for the weekend of 9/1.

Cedar River (above Nashua)
Fish are more active with stable water levels and cooler temperatures. Fish are taking a variety of lures and baits. Cedar Lake near Nashua is temporarily experiencing a naturally occurring die-off of channel catfish mainly due to a large algal bloom. Catfish are occasionally susceptible to environmental and handling stress. Walleye - Good: Troll main channel or deeper holes and along current breaks. Use a jig tipped with a minnow or twister tail. Channel Catfish - Good: Use a hook with a dead chub or crawler for a 2 pound catfish. Try also chicken liver, stink bait and nightcrawlers around brush piles. Black Crappie - Good: Use a hook tipped with a crawler in eddies below dams and backwaters around brush piles. Smallmouth Bass - Slow: Use crawdad crankbaits along rocky shorelines and substrates.

Decorah District Streams
Trout streams are in good condition. Be respectful of private property; it’s a privilege to fish these areas. Call 563-927-5736 for current catchable trout stocking locations. Wild parsnip is done for the year, but beware of first year plants. Freshly stocked trout are hitting a variety of lures and baits. Brook Trout - Excellent: A variety of small mayflies are hatching mid-afternoon. Use a dry fly for insects hatching off the water surface. Use a nymph or scud dropper for subsurface critters. Brown Trout - Excellent: Brown trout are more active when water is off color. A hopper pattern with a scud dropper is a dangerous combination.  Rainbow Trout - Excellent: Flies imitating grasshoppers, crickets, and ants will turn a trout head this time of year. Use any number of black ant or leaf hopper patterns.

Lake Hendricks
The lake is looking good. Use a canoe to paddle out or troll for fish suspended around rock piles. Black Crappie - Good: Use a minnow or spinnerbait around the jetties. Largemouth Bass - Good: Try topwater lures along the edge of a vegetation for a hiding bass. Channel Catfish - Good: Use a hook tipped with a nightcrawler, chicken liver or stink bait. Bluegill - Good: Find bluegills near vegetation edges.

Lake Meyer
Water clarity is improving as water begins to cool. Water temperatures are in the low 70's.  Bluegill - Fair: Use a small hook tipped with a piece of worm under a bobber near jetties in the evening. Black Crappie - Fair: Find crappie suspended near submersed structure. Use a spinner or jig with bright colored twister tail. Largemouth Bass - Good: Early morning and evening bite is best. Use topwater lures fished along vegetation beds or spinners along rocky edges.  Northern Pike - Fair: Pike are biting off anglers’ lines. Use a steal leader with a spoon along vegetation edges near springs. Pike are great eating; take time to learn how to clean them.

Upper Iowa River (above Decorah)
The Upper Iowa is in excellent condition. Clarity and temperatures are improving fish activity. Northern Pike - Good: Use a steel leader tipped with 1/4 oz. jig tipped with natural colored plastic to a 3 inch jerk bait fished around tributaries or brush piles. Walleye- Good: Drift through a deeper hole or along a current break. Use a jig tipped with a twister tail or worm. Try also a small crankbait. Smallmouth Bass - Good: Try jigs tipped with natural colored plastic tails.

Upper Iowa River (below Decorah)
Water temperatures are in the mid to low 70's with good clarity. Morning and midafternoon is best for bank anglers. Northern Pike - Good: Use a steel leader tipped with 1/4 oz. jig tipped with natural colored plastic to a 3 inch jerk bait fished around tributaries or brush piles. Smallmouth Bass - Fair: Find a smallie in the current breaks or near rock ledges. Use jigs tipped with plastic tails. Walleye - Good: Drift a jig tipped with a twister tail or worm, or crankbait through a deeper hole or along a current break. Anglers are catching a good number of 10- to 12-inch fish with larger fish caught while trolling at night. Channel Catfish- Good Catch a catfish from shore with a hook tipped with a crawler. Evening is best.

Volga Lake
Morning and evening bite is best. Overcast days extend angling times. Black Crappie - Fair: Use a jig with a minnow under a bobber near submersed trees for suspended crappie. Largemouth Bass - Good: Bass are hitting crankbaits. Try a topwater lure in the evening as fish come in shallow to feed. Bluegill - Fair: Use a small hook tipped with a piece of worm under a bobber. Channel Catfish - Good: Use stink bait, worms, and cheese baits. Catfish are active in the evening. Catfish are active in the evening. They are occasionally susceptible to environmental and handling stress. Open sores are visible and likely caused by a bacterial infection. Please release these fish back into the water. Usually, these infections are non-life threatening to fish and people.

Chances for rain in the weekend forecast with temperature highs in the low 70's and upper 50's for lows. Area streams and rivers are in good condition. For current fishing information, please call the Decorah Fish Hatchery at 563-382-8324.

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