The beginning of the year brings many financial challenges to working families and especially older adults in the state of Iowa and across the nation.

Courtesy - National Council on Aging
Courtesy - National Council on Aging

Much of our aging population is on a fixed income and struggle month to month. Fortunately, there are billions of dollars in federal, state and local assistance available to help seniors who are struggling. This includes help for Medications, Health Care, Income Assistance, Food & Nutrition, Housing and Utilities, Tax Relief, Veteran Assistance, Employment and more. They can find it all at and it’s free!

The National Council on Aging has built their website as a free resource where seniors, and their families can find financial assistance, both national and local. They have helped 8 million struggling older adults access billions in benefits. Seniors and their families can connect to the $20 billion in benefits that go unclaimed every year.

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