When you hear about the toll COVID-19 is taking on our area economy, U.S. economy, and even world economy, sometimes we lose sight of just how many actual human beings have been impacted in a much worse way. When I hear about the many seniors who have passed due to complications of coronavirus, my heart goes out to them.

One of those seniors was Dorothy Thompson who according to WHO-TV, lost her battle with COVID at age 105. Sadly, she was only days from hitting 106. Now while it's easy to say, 'hey she lived a good, long life!' And that is true, it still is incredible sad it had to end this way for Dorothy's family. Dorothy was moved to a nursing home at age 104, where she ultimately contracted COVID-19. According to the article, her granddaughter Val was unable to see her in person from the time she was diagnosed to the time she passed. The family had to say their goodbye's on Skype.

Dorothy Thompson spent most of her life in the tiny Iowa town of Garden Grove - roughly 70 minutes south of Des Moines.

Our thoughts go out to all who have been impacted by COVID-19. Young and older.

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