Two men identified as the suspects who stole a dog from a rural Tripoli residence, now face charges for taking a vehicle without the owner's consent.

On June 27th, Bremer County sheriff's officials were notified of a stolen 2001 Ford F-250 from a residence near U.S. Highway 63 and 160th Street. Shortly after that, the sheriff got a report of a missing Golden Retriever named "Scooby", from a residence near where the truck was taken.

Terry Shepard. Photo from Bremer Co. Sheriff

A surveillance video from the dog owners showed two men on the property the morning of June 26th; the video showed Scooby following the men off the property.
The missing dog gained attention through a social media post, which garnered many tips.

Through those tips, the sheriff identified the men as Terry Shepard, 58, of West Union, and Mark Macinnis, 34, also of West Union.

Mark Macinnis. Photo from Bremer Co. Sheriff

Shepard had reported his vehicle missing after it broke down on a county road.

On June 28th, Shepard's vehicle and the missing truck were both located at an abandoned property, near the location the truck was taken. The same morning, Scooby returned home, minus his tags.

Warrants were issued for Shepard and Macinnis for Operating a Vehicle Without the Owner's Consent. A warrant was also issued for Shepard, for false report to a public entity.

Macinnis is currently in the Fayette County jail on a drug charge.