How many times have you uttered the phrase; “I didn’t know they played here?” For example: Did you know that in 1974 The Eagles performed on the UNI Baseball Field for the price of $4.50? The Winter Dance Party came to Waterloo just a week after the plane crash in Clear Lake? Ray Charles performed at the Hippodrome in the 1960s? The Beach Boys performed a 'Teen Dance' for $1.75 in the summer of 1963?

I sifted through the internet to come up with a “not even close to being complete” list of bands and artists that you may have had no idea that they once (or nearly a dozen times for Willie Nelson) put on a concert in the Cedar Valley.

I was able to even find a few ticket stubs from these past concerts, as well as set lists, video, audio, concert posters and more.

Note: All of the below concerts occurred prior to the year 2002

3/24/2001: Destiny’s Child at McElroy Auditorium.
9/15/1995: BOC at Riverfront Stadium
7/3/1995: Kansas at Riverfront
9/17/1993: Billy Ray Cyrus at McElroy at National Cattle Congress Fair.
9/18/1992: Garth Brooks at McElroy Auditorium
9/24/1988: Joan Jett at McElroy Auditorium

9/21/1988: Kenny Rogers at McElroy Auditorium
5/18/1988: Pink Floyd sold-out the UNI-DOME in Cedar Falls, more info HERE.

11/3/1985: Motley Crue at UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls

9/15/1985: Wayne Newton
10/25/1982: Fleetwood Mac at UNI-Dome
10/15/1982: The Who at the UNI-Dome

11/20/1981: Rolling Stones at UNI-Dome (soundboard audio HERE)

novakent via eBay
tripatenteract via eBay

12/01/1979: Fleetwood Mac at UNI-Dome

printedpastimes via eBay

3/21/1979: Thin Lizzy & Nazareth - Ticket and Poster HERE

Alice Cooper 2/25/1979

pco66 via eBay

5/27/1978: Rush

2/5/1978 – Grateful Dead at UNI-Dome
*It was a frigid -18* that night and this concert was featured on "Dick's Picks Volume 18" -- a three disc live album.

10/2/1977 Charlie Pride at National Cattle Congress

pco66 via eBay

September, 1977: An Aerosmith concert was canceled because the UNI-Dome could not hold the weight of the group's lights.

6/29/1977: Heart

5/13/1977: Rush & Ted Nugent / The Michael Stanley Band

2/10/1977: KISS (7800 in attendance at McElroy Auditorium - Tickets were $7
*Head East did NOT perform as scheduled.

9/10/1976: ZZ Top at McElroy Auditorium

8/20/1976: Rush & Blue Oyster Cult at McElroy Auditorium

6/19/1976: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at UNI-Dome

4/30/1976: Rush & Aerosmith at McElroy Auditorium

11/10/1975: Rush & Ted Nugent at McElroy Auditorium

5/11/1975: Charlie Daniels Band / Foghat / Styx / Leslie West Band at O.R. Latham Stadium at UNI.
*$4.50 for students, $5 public, tickets at the gate were $6.50

11/8/1974: Johnny Cash at McElroy Auditorium

4/28/1974: Eagles in Cedar Falls with Steely Day and REO Speedwagon
UNI Baseball Field, UNI Students $4.50, public $5.50

5/26/1972: Johnny Cash at McElroy Auditorium

11/28/1969: Jerry Lee Lewis, Conway Twitty, and Sonny James at McElroy Auditorium


7/10/1968: Beach Boys

4/21/1967: Johnny Cash at McElroy Auditorium

pryankee via Ebay

4/22/1964: Ray Charles @ Waterloo Auditorium (Hippodrome)


8/6/1963: Beach Boys at Electric Park Ballroom
*Teen Dance, Tickets were $1.75


3/21/1962: Johnny Cash at Electric Park Ballroom

1/9/1960: Johnny Cash Hippodrome

2/9/1959: The Crickets at Hippodrome (Winter Dance Party – Dion and the Belmonts, Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Jimmy Clanton)
**a week after the plane crash in Clear lake

7/8/1958: Buddy Holly and The Crickets at Electric Park Ballroom

3/20/1958: Johnny Cash at Hippodrome

4/22/1958: The Crickets, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, at Hippodrome (Alan Freed’s Big Beat Show)

foxriver6 via Ebay

3/23/1955: Roy Acuff at Hippodrome

Some of Willie Nelson's appearances in Waterloo:
9/20/1989: Willie Nelson at McElroy
9/26/1987: Willie Nelson
9/19/1986: Willie Nelson
9/21/1985: Willie Nelson
9/25/1982: Willie Nelson
1/26/1978: Willie Nelson


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