United Van Lines just released the results of its 43rd annual study into which states the most people are moving into...and out of. So, where does Iowa stand?

We're in the top 10 of OUTBOUND people leaving to see if the "grass is greener" or maybe they're just trying to find a place to live with less snow and warmer temperatures. The primary reason for people leaving is retirement at 12.4%. The age group with the highest percentage of movers? 55-64 year-olds at 26.19%, so that makes sense.

The news isn't all bad for Iowa. We're holding mostly steady on the job front. 61.7% are moving in for a job and 68.22% are moving out to find employment. If you measure by income, 45.07% of people making $150,000+ are moving in to take a job. So, there's some high paying jobs in Iowa, or this survey is just skewed a little bit, because only people with higher paying jobs can actually afford to use a moving service!

Finally, on a sentimental note, the 2nd biggest reason people move here, behind taking a job, is to be with family. 24.47% listed that as their primary reason to move into our great state!

If you're wondering, the state that saw the highest percentage of people leaving was New Jersey, with 68.5% of its moves last year involving people going outbound. The rest of the top 10 states that had the highest percentage of outbound moves were: 2. Illinois 3. New York 4. Connecticut 5. Kansas 6. Ohio 7. California 8. Michigan 9. North Dakota 10. Iowa.

And the state that had the highest percentage of people moving IN last year was Idaho. 67.4% of the moves involving Idaho were inbound. Why? Retirement, believe it or not, at 35.71%. The rest of the top 10 states that had the highest percentage of inbound moves are: 2.Oregon 3. Arizona 4. South Carolina 5. Washington 6. Washington D.C. 7. Florida 8. South Dakota 9. North Carolina 10. New Mexico.

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