Roger Pook, of Waterloo, is retiring today after being at John Deere for 55 years. That tenure makes Roger the longest working employee, currently.

Pook remembers being hired on to John Deere right after graduation at Waterloo East. "I started at John Deere when I was 18. I've met a lot of nice people. I've worked with a lot of nice people." he said, in an interview with KWWL.

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After graduating High School in 1967, Roger went in to interview for a job at John Deere. He still remembers that interview. "He said my name's Fred Youngblood. He said how bad do you want to work here at John Deere? I said really bad sir. He pointed his finger at me and said if I was to hire you, And he said, at the end of a week, if I don't think you're doing your job, I'm gonna come out of that office, and I'm going to fire you. He said, now, under these circumstances, do you want this job? I said, Yes Sir, and he said, you're hired."

His many co-workers are going to miss him. Adam Hix says, says, “He kind of took me under his wing, and taught me everything he knew. He was patient with me during the learning process and is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Always willing to take the extra time and teach people what he knew. And, the knowledge that he's taking with him is priceless. So, we're surely going to miss him around here.”

Pook has been a tool grinder from the very start. Even with all of the technological advances in machinery, he was right there to learn the new machine as each one was brought in. In turn, he trained others on how to use the machines.

"I appreciate what John Deere did for me," Pook says. "Teaching me how to be a tool grinder. I've always liked tool grinding, and I've been accused a couple of times, of having green blood in me."

Good luck to you, Roger! May your retirement be a joy to you and your whole family.

To see his interview with Ron Steele on KWWL, click HERE!

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