The Super Bowl is upon us... the epic battle to be the best in the NFL. It's the Chiefs, AFC champs, battling the NFC winning 49ers. Are you an NFL or college football fan? Well, one of the best cities in America to call yourself a football fan is actually Cedar Falls. Yep, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Why? In a nutshell it's all about proximity.

Cedar Falls ranks as the 52nd best city in the USA to be a football fan. That's the HIGHEST in all of Iowa.

For one thing, Cedar Falls residents can openly cheer for most any NFL team. Packers, Bears, Vikings, the Super Bowl bound Chiefs. Have at it. All those teams play close enough by that they could be your home team. Then there's college football. The Hawkeye's, Cyclones and hometown UNI Panthers are all fair game. Oh, and high school football in CF isn't too shabby either.

Source: WalletHub

Read more and see all the breakdowns on WalletHub's website. And, go... team!

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