Caitlin Clark's decision to head to the WNBA after her senior year at the University of Iowa wasn't a complete shock to most Iowa fans. Sure, Clark had one more year of eligibility left thanks to COVID. But most fans figured that she had accomplished just about as much as she could during her four years at Iowa. But some wondered why she would leave all the money she is making thanks to NIL at Iowa.

This is a narrative that I just can't stand. The notion that Caitlin Clark will be taking a pay cut by playing in the WNBA is ludicrous. For those that don't know, Clark is currently taking NO MONEY from The Swarm Collective, which pays athletes at the University of Iowa. Caitlin is making her money from her endorsements. Do you really think big companies like Nike, Gatorade, Buick, Topps, Hy-Vee, Goldman Sachs, and more will leave once Clark goes pro? No. Those deals will go with Clark to the pros.

CBS Sports reports several WNBA players confirming that the NIL deals they had in college went with them to the pros. Plus, you get to add on your WNBA salary and any new endorsement deals that happen to come your way.

And to prove the deals will keep coming for Clark, reports she just signed a new deal with an annuities company called Gainbridge. That company has the naming rights to the arena that the Indiana Fever and the Indiana Pacers play in. She isn't even in the league yet and Caitlin Clark is already singing new deals!

Caitlin Clark became the face of college basketball during her time at Iowa. Now, she'll look to elevate the WNBA. And you better believe she'll be paid to do so!

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