It's no secret at this point that watching paint dry is more entertaining than the Iowa Hawkeye football offense this season.

There have been a plethora of scapegoats -- Spencer Petras, injuries, and Kirk Ferentz, to name a few. But the one we can all agree on is that Brian Ferentz is awful at his job. It's so bad that a petition was started on to get Brian fired last year, and it caught fire once again in 2022.

Just a few days ago, the petition had 6,567 signatures. As of today, it's reached 8,253.

He only made it worse at yesterday's press conference by asking "What's the upside?" to starting Alex Padilla instead of Petras (who has been awful).

The people of Iowa are ready to see Brian canned -- and that's produced some high-quality content on Twitter. Let's take a look:

Free Grandma!

Not the pumpkin patch

Mean Girls reference

Padilla goes STRAIGHT into the portal

An interesting play design

Uncle Gary

A bit of a downer

20/20 Vision

Absolutely Zero O

It's a competition, now

From our very own Shawn McKenna

It might work

Up to date

The Bears scored one touchdown in the second half last night

Shoot, you could pay me that much to rank dead last in offense!

We learned absolutely zilch.

A classic meme

Sign me up for more references to The Office

Aren't we all

A clown

"I wonder what that's like?"

Oh, if you only knew.


He needs it

If you want some stats to discuss with your friends regarding Brian's offense so far this season, here are the rankings you'll need to know:

Out of the 131 FBS teams across the country, Iowa ranks 105th in yards per completion, 107th in tackles for loss allowed, 109th in sacks allowed, 111th in time of possession, 120th in passing offense, 122nd third-down conversion percentage, 125th in passing efficiency, 126th in red zone offense, 127th in scoring offense, 127th in rushing offense, 131st in fourth-down conversion percentage, and 131st in total offense.

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