In the early part of November last season, the Iowa Hawkeyes lost two games in a row to unranked opponents after defeating No. 4 Penn State at home. The offense was atrocious over those two games, scoring a total of 14 points between both contests.

At that point in time, an agitated Hawk fan had gotten so sick of the putrid Iowa offense that he started a petition on to get Brian Ferentz -- Iowa's offensive coordinator -- to get fired. In just three days, the petition amassed 1,345 signatures. We covered the story last year.

Even with how mind-numbingly terrible that side of the ball was in Iowa City at that point in time, it was nothing compared to how awful the Hawkeye offense has been in 2022.


Out of the 131 FBS teams across the country, Iowa ranks 105th in yards per completion, 107th in tackles for loss allowed, 109th in sacks allowed, 111th in time of possession, 120th in passing offense, 125th in passing efficiency, 122nd third-down conversion percentage, 126th in red zone offense, 127th in scoring offense, 127th in rushing offense, 131st in fourth-down conversion percentage, and 131st in total offense.

Those numbers are precisely why the petition has once again caught fire online.

As of this moment, 6:58 PM on Monday, October 10, 2022, the petition now has 6,567 signatures. If you feel so inclined, you can add your name to the petition here.

This is what the description of the petition says: "Each year, Iowa fans have to experience a top-tier defense that is hindered by an offense that can’t hold up its end of the bargain. Brian Ferentz calls an offense that is predictable, old, and not exciting. This pain has gone on too long for Iowa fans and it’s time for a change. We love the Iowa Hawkeyes and want the best for the long-term outlook of this team. The fans deserve better and so does Phil Parker. Help us create change that might lead to a play-action pass every once in a while that actually gets the Hawkeyes first downs."

When asked by 247Sports Hawkeye football beat writer David Eickholt about considering a change at the coordinator position, Kirk Ferentz got a tad snippy. Take a listen:

Essentially, what Kirk Ferentz has repeatedly said over the time frame of questioning the offense, including Brian and quarterback Spencer Petras, is that the 'body of work speaks for itself,' and 'We won ten games last year.'

Imagine how many games they'd have won with a competent, creative coach as their offensive coordinator.

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