**UPDATED 6AM 10/24**

If this is going to be the trend in Iowa --- it's gonna to be a loooong winter...

The National Weather Service in Des Moines says that the next round of accumulating snow will fall on Sunday into Sunday night with the highest totals in Northwestern Iowa.

The GFS Model (Global Forecast System) is showing the system dumping the most snow in Southern Minnesota and in Nebraska by Monday mid-morning:

via weather.us
via weather.us

The GEM Model (Global Environmental Multiscale) shows up to 4" of snow falling in Northwestern Iowa by Monday morning:


If you're keeping score; last week I posted an article about the future chance of snow impacting Iowa on Monday that saw Polk City receive 9" of October snow. The GEM forecast model that was posted on October 14th showed the storm hitting Northern and Northeastern Iowa --- it ended up mainly impacted all of Central Iowa along I-80. So a lot can change.

Disclaimer: James Patrick is by no means a meteorologist nor does he pretend to be.  But he does enjoy watching and spending his free time researching weather data while sipping on IPAs. 

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