2 a.m. in someone's living room...

Guy 1: "Dude, what if T-Rex's had a race?"

Guy 2: "That would be cool, but they are extinct."

Guy 1: "Oh yeah... what if humans dressed up in T-Rex costumes and raced?!"

Guy 2: "Why would they do that?"

Guy 1: "Because we can."

Guy 2: "Okay, I am in. Let's do it!"

Honestly, this how I see this idea of humans racing in T-Rex coming about. It had to be one of those random thoughts at 2 am because I feel like no one would come up with this idea and think it's a really good one in the middle of the day.

Either way, kudos to whomever did do this because it is HILARIOUS! I honestly would consider doing this in a a race just for the fun of it... plus I want to see how hard it is to run with a big head and little arms.

If you think I am weird for wanting to do this, well you are probably right... but I am not alone! Check out the actual T-Rex race video that is going viral and happened at Emerald Downs Racetrack in Auburn, Washington.

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