Don't mess with the Ball Girl at Dodger Stadium.

A (presumably inebriated) fan ran onto the field during Sunday afternoon’s Los Angeles Dodgers’ game against the Angels.

A total of six members of the security team attempted to get control of the situation to no avail as the fan stutter-stepped, high-stepped, and dodged all attempts of capture, and continued towards the right-field wall.

With each missed tackle by the security, the crowd began to roar louder and louder.

As the fan was sprinting directly towards the foul-line fence in right field – presumably in an effort to run into the stands --  the ball girl readied herself. She held her arms out,  lowered her shoulder, and got just enough of the unruly fan to flip him HARD over the wall.

The fan was then quickly tackled by security. That ball girl deserves a raise. Who knows how far up into the stands the man could have run had she not ‘stepped up to the plate.



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