50 years ago a local Cedar Valley band began it's journey. With a hit single 'Have A Nice Day', Iowa Rock & Roll Hall of Fame members, Milk & Honey solidified itself as a premiere band in Iowa and beyond.

97.7 KCRR is celebrating 50 Years of Milk & Honey. Share your memories, photos, videos and more, plus Join KCRR's Cory Ford at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake for a celebration like no other and for a great cause.

Milk & Honey will be celebrating 50 years on Friday, June 9th at the Surf Ballroom in Clear lake as they join forces to raise money for the Childrens' Miracle Network during the 'Take Me Back Reunion Festival'. This festival is a free will donation entry. That means, give what you can and enjoy the music.

Listen to 97.7 KCRR starting Monday, May 15th during the "Free Ride @ Five" for a week's worth of interviews with the band. Find out how this all happened and how grateful Milk & Honey are to still be together and playing.

Do you have Milk & Honey memories you'd like to share? Do you have pictures of video of Milk & Honey performing at your wedding, graduation, retirement party, anniversary party, at a town festival or anywhere for that matter. Just upload your photo/video below or give us a short story about how Milk & Honey made memories for you.

Milk & Honey: 50th Anniversary @ the 'Take Me Back Reunion Festival'

  • Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake
  • Friday, June 9th
  • 7:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.
  • Free Will Offering to benefit the Children's Miracle Network
  • Milk & Honey followed by the Johnny Holm Band

Share your Milk & Honey memories. Scroll down to see them.


Listener Submitted Stories & Memories

Jan Hoodjer

Courtesy of Jan Hoodjer

This is a photo from the 1974 Clarksville High School yearbook. The photo was taken April 27, 1974. Milk and Honey played for the Jr./Sr. prom in both 1974 and 1975. I personally did not attend either, but wanted to share this old photo. There will be others I attended school with that remember this event. Congratulations on 50 years !!


Jenny Bagenstos

Courtesy of Jenny Bagenstos

This is a picture of Ally Bagenstos on her very first performance in Dysarthria. She was 12 years old and a student of Lis March. Since that performance she has frequented the stage with Milk and Honey. She now performs during their breaks and sometimes fills in when someone is gone. Milk and Honey is really good about involving the audience in their music. Sometimes the best moments are when they invite others to perform. The band members are great musicians and work so much with Ally. We feel so blessed to have them in our lives. Happy 50th Milk and Honey.