We haven't had temperatures above zero in Waterloo since last Thursday (2/11) when it was a toasty 1*. Sigh.

But 100 years ago today, February 15, 1921, it was an all-time record-high temperature for February in Waterloo. It was 71*. It was a record-high 75* in Des Moines that day.

According to the National Weather Service, since 1895, it's the only time in February where the temperature surpassed 70* in Waterloo. It's only reached 60* or higher in February 17 times. On February 27, 2016, it reached a record-high 64* in Waterloo.

On the other side of the thermometer; it's only reached -20* or colder 25 times since 1895 in Waterloo. We added to that tally last week when it was a wretched -21* on the ninth. Ugh.

Spring begins on March 20th!

Here's Monday's "Heat Index." :)


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