Let's be honest... the holidays are a STRESSFUL time of year. Between the gifts and the family get togethers and the making of all the food and all the kids home, it can be a lot to handle and although it is fun it is also very exhausting. The last thing we all want to think about after having a fun holiday get together is cleaning up, right? What if I told you there were Americans out there who hate cleaning after the holidays so much that they pay an exorbetant amount of money just to have it done.

Look I hate cleaning as much as the next person but to spend $5,000 to get your whole house cleaned after the holidays just so you don't have to do it, seems a little extreme. Yes, you read that right...$5,000! According to a study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of LG Electronics USA, 2,000 Americans were surveyed and asked if they were willing to pay to have their homes magically cleaned after the holidays. I mean no surprise most said yes, but it's the staggering amount they are willing to pay to have it cleaned that surprises me!

56% of Americans said they are willing to pay $5,000 to have their home cleaned top to bottom after the holidays. What type of residences are these people living in? Mansions! I mean I get not wanting to do the work but after spending a ton of money on holiday expenses you would think everyone would want to save money rather than spend it. Maybe I am just too cheap to comprehend paying this but what about you? Would you spend $5,000 to have your house cleaned?

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