CSeed Entertainment Systems (based in Austria) has announced a 165-inch screen TV that folds up and disappears into the floor when it's not in use.

Once activated on the remote control, a monolith-like structure silently rises like a ninja from the floor and unfolds to reveal the C-Seed M1.

It’s made up of five separate MicroLED panels, but when locked into place, it’s a giant 165-inch screen. If my math is correct, that’s nearly FIVE YARDS of TV display.

MicroLEDs are not yet in wide production, but they are said to feature better contrast, response times, brighter, and even more energy efficient than OLED screens. Plus, microLEDs have a longer lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. (Compared to around 50,000 hours for regular LEDs)

The price tag for the M1 is around $400,000 --- but that doesn’t include installation. Remember --- this beast rises out of your floor.

Still want one? The M1 is set to be delivered to customers starting in the third quarter of this year.

BONUS: It’s available in three different colors including; gold, black, and titanium. It also has a built-in 700-watt subwoofer.

Besides the heavy price tag, it also is literally heavy, at nearly 3,000 POUNDS.

The M1 also boasts a 30,000:1 contrast ratio --- the difference between the brightest a TV can be, and the darkest. A 30,000:1 ratio means that the brightest white is 30,000 times brighter than the darkest black.

Get this: According to the specs on the C-Seed website, the M1 only has one HDMI input. Seriously?

A decade ago, this is the same company developed a 201-inch outdoor TV that was also hidden underground. At the time, the this was the largest TV in the world. Samsung’s “The Wall” TV now has the honor of the biggest TV in the world at 292 inches.

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