It's unfortunate that there are tragic incidents in life that seemingly have to happen in order to make others aware of the changes that need to occur. Unfortunately a tragedy like this recently happened to a local woman and now here family and friends are trying to make a change happen.

According to KWWL, there is a new bill being proposed that will require paved county roads that intersect with state or US highways outside the city limits and have a speed limit of 55 mph to have rumble strips. This bill is right now called HF 2004 but if passed will be called "Baylee's Bill".

This bill is being proposed by the family and friends of Baylee Hess, whom this bill is being named after. Back in November Baylee Hess unfortunately failed to stop at the intersection of Highway 30 and 21st Avenue in Benton County which proceeded to striking a semi which unfortunately killed her. Now the family is looking to make intersections like these safer.

At this time, the bill has been sent to a subcommittee for review and Hess's family will be meeting with Benton County Supervisors to request support for the bill on January 28th.

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