Spring is less than 30 days away. Which means there's still plenty of time for more SNOW.

According to the below chart from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, Waterloo has accumulated over 43" of snow since October 1, 2020. That's nearly 10" above average, but still 16.5" inches below the winter of 2018-2019 which set a record of 60" for the winter season.

But areas surrounding Waterloo have seen less snow this season. Oelwein has received 29" of snow since 10/1. (The record for Oelwein is a nasty 77.3" of snow in the winter of 1961-1962)

New Hampton has been hit with 28.5", nearly a foot below the average snowfall in a winter season for Chickasaw County.

But our state capital of Des Moines has seen over 52" this season. That's only around 20" shy of the city's record set over a century ago. (1911-1912 - 72.7")

snow so far this year

As of 2/17, Waterloo has seen 10.4" of snow in February, which is slightly above average but not even in the Top 10 for snowiest February. The record for the month is 31.1" set in 2019.

On average, Waterloo will see 4.6" of snow in the month of March...but, you never know what Mother Nature might be brewing. In 2020, Waterloo saw just over 2" of fluffy snow in March. But in March 2018, nearly a foot of snow fell.

...and April 2018 brought over 12" of snow to the Cedar Valley.

Regardless, be prepared for whatever may come this way -- but at least the high temps aren't below zero anymore, right? :)

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