We are officially entering the unofficial winter season.

Winter officially arrives on Wednesday, December 21st. Every year, we are either surprised by an early snowfall or no snowfall at all. So, when will is snow? Here's where you tell us your guess and if you're correct, we'll throw you into a drawing for some free stuff.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, we'll see our first snowfall during the week of November, 19th - 26th. That is just a guess according to averages compiled over a whole bunch of years. We don't think so.

Our uneducated guess is that we will see snowfall after that week. We are guessing we'll get our first official snowfall (official = sticking to the ground), on Wednesday, December 6th. Just our guess.

What's yours? Just fill out the form and we'll go from there.  We'll keep everyone's guess in a secret vault, safely away from all prying eyes and bust it out as soon as it snows and sticks to the ground. Those who guessed correctly will win some prizes from the KCRR "Prize Closet".

Good Luck!