Based on our past experience talking about game shows we didn't need to do an official study to know this.  But, we're glad somebody did. turned to online search interest using a list of 20 classic game shows.  They explored Google search trends over the last 12 months for all 50 states. They determined clear winners for the most popular game show in each state, the most popular classic game show overall, and how many states searched that show the most.

Overall, America is all about that Family Feud.  10 states had that as their favorite game show.  Surprisingly only 3 states had Jeopardy! as their top choice.  You would think with the outpouring of support (and hate) towards the guest hosts and who people want to be the new host this would rank higher.

For us in the Midwest:

  • Wisconsin goes with "Name That Tune".  Every person responded with "we really like it when they play Beer Barrel Polka on that neat show".  I hope you read that with the accent it needed.
  • Nebraska is also a "Name That Tune" state.  That show was actually the top choice of 7 states in all.
  • Illinois, they are in line with America as Family Feud is their top choice.
  • Missouri is all about "Wheel of Fortune" as is...
  • Iowa.  "Wheel of Fortune" is the winner.  We'd like to think we have something to do with this.  Considering all the stories we have wrote that you have liked about Wheel of Fortune, we'll take partial credit.

There you go.  Iowa is Pat and Vanna country.  Illinois is...insert one of the 30 hosts from Family Feud here.  Check out the full map and the odd choices by places like Alaska and Maine here.

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