Business Insider looked at inflation rates and posted a list of what $10 was worth the year you were born. Along with random things you could buy today if it still had the same buying power. Say for example, $10 in 1990 was like $20 or enough to buy yourself a 72-count bucket of Tide Pods today. That's like, two meals worth right? Here's a few years and examples:

  • $10 in 1968 would be about $74 now. That's a one-way train ticket almost anywhere in the US.
  • $10 in 1970 would be about $67 now, which would cover a one-way Spirit Airlines ticket from New York to Miami.
  • $10 in 1980 would be almost $32 now, roughly what a set of Apple EarPods cost.  That's the kind with wires though. The wireless kind are $160...
  • $10 in 1985 would be nearly $24 now, roughly the cost of a case of beer. Although you can get a plenty good case of beer for less, and have money left to put towards a second case.

Want to see what $10 was worth when you were born? Check it out here.