If stand-up comedians from the '80s taught us anything, it's that there's nothing worse than dealing with your in-laws. Well, maybe men never putting the toilet seat down. But we're going to focus on the in-laws thing.

Apparently, more and more couples who don't really have any problems with each other are going to therapy to get help dealing with their in-laws!

Peter Pearson is a relationship coach in California and he says about one out of five couples who see him now are there for help with in-law issues.

There are two main types of problems: Someone's jealous of how much time their partner spends with their family or someone doesn't get along with their partner's parents. Every situation is different, but Pearson says as a general rule, it's good to get your in-law problems worked out before the tension grows too much and causes big problems. Because, quote, 'Most of the time, it does not get better' on its own. Yikes, Christmas must be fun for these folks...