It seems like we all Google every little random thought that pops into our heads. Well, Google keeps track of those little random thoughts and geotags them. And with so much chaos in 2016--the Presidential election, the Cubs' World Series victory, and the wave of super-famous people dying--there was A LOT of data to sift through this past year.

The website Estately analyzed every 2016 Google search by state to figure out what people browsed for more than anything else.

Dead celebrities were among the most popular Google trends--Minnesota's top search was Prince (the music icon died in April), Kentucky's was Muhammad Ali (the boxing champ was a Louisville native), and Brady Bunch actress Florence Henderson was the top search for Indiana.

This year's election also generated a ton of web searches: In Vermont alone, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Melania Trump and "Clinton emails" were among the most-common search terms. New Jersey Googled Donald Trump more than anywhere else, while "How did Trump win?" topped the list for Idaho.

Google Map By State

As for the Hawkeye State, "ISIS" and "Islamic State" were surprisingly Iowa's main Google searches (I don't really know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that). But Californians may have perfectly summed things up with their #1 search, "2016 worst year ever?"

Maybe, Cali. Maybe. Click HERE for the complete list.


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