A Waterloo woman has claimed a massive lottery prize.

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We shared with you last week that a winning The Lucky For Life Game ticket was sold in Waterloo. Iowa Lottery officials confirmed that whoever bought the ticket will be winning money for the rest of their life.

This winning ticket was purchased at the Kwik Star located at 1636 W. Fourth St.

This ticket matched up with the very first five numbers. However, it missed the Lucky Ball number and won the second highest prize. This local Kwik Star will also receive a $500 bonus for selling this lucky ticket.

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The winning numbers in the drawing were:

3-12-17-42-45 and Lucky Ball 6

Just a few days later, a Waterloo woman came forward with the winning ticket.

Dawn Costa bought the winning ticket last week, according to Iowa Lottery officials. She took an owl landing on her deck railing as a sign that something good was on they way.

“My mom loved owls. And everybody in that condo always says they’ve never seen owls there,” Costa said. “And they’re like, ‘Why is it always at your house?’ Well, I know why.”

Costa and her mother loved playing the Lucky for Life® game together, so after seeing the owl, she went to the Waterloo Kwik Star to buy a ticket. The woman won the  prize of $25,000 a year for life in Thursday’s drawing of the Lucky for Life® game.

She decided to take it in the lump some of $390,000, according to officials.

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