If you heard all the hype about the Knives Out sequel in theaters last month and wondered when it was going to show up on Netflix, worry no more. The film is now available to stream.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is the second film starring Daniel Craig as master sleuth Benoit Blanc. This time, Blanc winds up on a Greek island in the middle of the Covid pandemic, where he is the one outsider amongst a group of longtime friends — the rest of the cast includes Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista, and Kathryn Hahn. A murder takes place (duh) and it’s up to Blanc to find out whodunit.

The first Knives Out became a surprise smash in 2019; Netflix then reportedly spent upwards of $450 million for the rights to two sequels. Glass Onion is the first of the two.


It’s also a very funny comic mystery; definitely funnier (and maybe better overall) than Knives Out. From ScreenCrush’s review of the film:

The secret of a great murder mystery is a mixture of complexity and solvability. The case needs to be dense enough that it can’t be figured out before the solution is revealed — but once the solution is revealed, it needs to feel like the answer was staring the audience in the face the entire time. So the idea of a glass onion — with its densely packed but transparent layers — works perfectly as a metaphor not just for this particular Benoit Blanc detective story but for pretty much every entry in the whodunit genre. And even though Glass Onion is writer/director Rian Johnson’s second whodunit (or third, if you count his debut film, Brick), this feels like his definitive work in this style, throwing everything he’s learned so far, and everything he wants to say, into an extremely satisfying and surprisingly timely thriller.

After you watch Glass Onion on Netflix, check out our piece on the mind-blowing foreshadowing in the film’s early scenes.

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