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Authorities are making progress in their investigation of an attempted abduction of a Sumner teenager.

In a Facebook video update Wednesday evening, Sumner police chief Chad Koch disclosed that investigators have identified the vehicle and driver believed to be involved in the incident. Because the probe is ongoing, Koch said he could not reveal more information about the case.

The reported incident of suspicious activity happened outside the Sumner Public Library Tuesday around 10:30 AM. A 14-year-old girl told police she was approached in the parking lot by a man who asked her to get into his pick-up truck. The girl went directly into the library and was unharmed.

The teenager described the suspect as an adult male with dark hair. The vehicle was described as a blue-green extended cab pick-up truck, but no further description was given.

Sumner police later released still photos of the pick-up, taken from the library's surveillance video, and asked the public for help in identifying both the vehicle and driver.

"Over the last day, we've had countless numbers of people, agencies and law enforcement officers giving us incite and providing us assistance into this," Koch said in the video update. "I am extremely happy to convey that we have identified the vehicle and we have identified the driver of the vehicle."

Koch continued: "This is an on-going investigation. At this time, I can't give out any more details about the case. The vehicle and driver have both been identified and we are pursuing that angle of the investigation."

Koch listed several law enforcement agencies that provided assistance and helped Sumner police identify the vehicle and suspect. They included: the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Iowa Department of Public Safety, Bremer County Sheriff's Office, Bremer County Dispatch, Tripoli Police Department, West Des Moines Police Department, Des Moines Police Department, Dallas County Dispatch, Webster County Sheriff's Office, Madrid Police Department, Iowa Insurance Fraud Bureau and the Williamsburg Police Department.

"This is big deal. This was very dramatic for the family, our community and our agency," Koch said. "I couldn't have been more happy with the outpour of support we've received and the assistance we've received from a number of different entities."

Sumner's police chief also thanked the public for the numerous amount of phone calls and emails.

"The intel that we got was just tremendous," Koch said. "The assistance and support was unbelievable. It was great and we sincerely appreciate that.

"This is a strong community and this was a traumatic event," Koch stated. "Our agency did everything we could to work with the community and we will continue to bring this (incident) to a resolve."

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