As the COVID-19 vaccines are about to be rolled out, deaths from virus in the U.S. are spiraling out of control to more than 2,200 a day on average. This matches the peak reached last April. Along with that, cases per day have moved past 200,000 on average for the first time ever. Here in Iowa, the Iowa Department of Public Health reports 3,021 deaths in the state with nearly 250,000 people testing positive. Now that the holidays are in full swing, it seems we should be more vigilant than ever.

As we've been reporting over the past several months, keeping you up-to-date on the mask mandate extensions in Cedar Falls, on Monday night, the Cedar Falls City Council voted to once again extend its mask mandate through January 20th. The council voted 4-3. The mask mandate applies to those 5 years of age and older and there is no penalty for non-compliance.

Here's are the guidelines once again as reported by KWWL:

Every person in the City of Cedar Falls, Iowa must wear a face covering when:

  • In public, as opposed to one's place of residence, when one cannot stay six feet apart from others.
  • Inside any indoor public settings, including but not limited to grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, retail stores, city buildings, and other public settings that are not one's residence and when among people who do not live in the same household.
  • Outside, if maintaining a distance of six feet apart is not possible.
  • Using public transportation or private car services.

Residents do not have to wear a mask when:
Inside their own vehicles
Seated at a restaurant
Obtaining a service requiring the removal of a face covering

Law enforcement
Emergency medical personnel
People with breathing difficulties or other medical or behavioral conditions

Watch the entire Dec. 7th meeting here:

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