You have to love his optimism, but was the University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld being overzealous in telling the state Board of Regents he hopes football practice will start on the UI campus on June 1?

The Big Ten has suspended all sports activities until at least May 4, and ESPN was reporting Harreld stated an at least 6-8 week practice schedule is needed for the players to safely prepare for a 2020 season, whenever that might start. If the season were to start anywhere close to soon, Harreld admitted a lot of COVID-19 testing would need to be done on players and would not share his thoughts on games being held without fans in the stadium.

"We're ever so hopeful that this virus will be behind us at that point, and we'll be able to get back into what we normally do", Harreld said to the board.

As for NBA star Allen Iverson once said, we're only talking about practice, but even so, June 1 is a goal that might be wishful thinking.

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