Anyone and everyone who follows the Iowa Hawkeyes knows that the offense is down in the dumps right now.

Iowa's passing offense ranks 127th out of 131 FBS teams in passing offense (100.5 yards per game), 131st in scoring offense (seven points per game), and Spencer Petras ranks 120th out of 122 quarterbacks in passing efficiency (70.36).

Truth be told, it's not just down in the dumps, it's one of the worst offenses many Hawk fans have ever seen -- and that's saying something.

Many believe the culprit of it all to be Brian Ferentz, Iowa's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, who is also the son of head coach Kirk Ferentz. And for the die-hard Hawkeye fans, they're doing everything in their power to get rid of Brian -- even seeing if they can get other current and former coaches in on it.

If you have Twitter and live in the state of Iowa, chances are you probably already know what I'm talking about. Last night, two videos surfaced on the social media platform and caught football fans everywhere off guard, and in my opinion, they were pretty hilarious.

Someone got on the Cameo app (where you can receive personal messages from celebrities) and asked legendary Oklahoma head coach and former Iowa assistant, Bob Stoops, to leave a personal message for a Brian. Unbeknownst to him, the message was directed to Brian Ferentz.

Part of the message included that sometimes "The best advice is to break free from the family business." Check it our yourself:

And it only gets worse.

The troll went after Iowa's own, too.

Someone duped Iowa head men's basketball coach to tell a Brian to "Maybe think about making a move back to New England." Brian coached for the Patriots from 2008 to 2011.


The trolling of Brian Ferentz goes back to last year too when Iowa fans designed a petition to get him fired.

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