A barn collapse in rural Cedar Falls Friday killed two people.

According to a news release, public safety officials were dispatched to 9702 Viking Road around 6:30 PM. Authorities were advised that a barn had fallen on some male subjects.

When they arrived on scene, public safety officials learned that there were likely two people inside the structure when the roof collapsed. Neither of the male subjects had exited the barn and bystanders told public safety officials that they had not been able to communicate or get a response from either of the trapped victims, the press release said.

During recovery efforts, authorities discovered the two bodies. Public safety officials determined that neither of the victims survived the initial collapse. Both died instantly.

Authorities did not immediately identify the male subjects killed in the collapse. They said more information will be released in the future.

Missing Man In Waterloo

Meanwhile, in neighboring Waterloo, officials have been searching for a man who apparently hasn't been in contact with anyone for a week.

According to Waterloo police, 49-year-old Darrin Lenton was believed to be in the Riverview Recreation Area (formerly Mitchell Ave. Sandpits) on July 3 when he last spoke to someone via phone. Firefighters have spent several days searching the Cedar River looking for any signs of Lenton, but their efforts haven't turned any clues, police said.

Lenton is described as a white male, who is around six-feet and 213 pounds. Authorities said Lenton's family is concerned for his welfare.

Anyone with information on where Lenton may be is asked to contact local law enforcement officials.

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