Last December, two ambitious Cedar Falls teens launched a fundraiser called the "LED Brighter Communities’ ReStore Project" benefiting Iowa Habitat for Humanity's Restore in Waterloo. The young men are excited to announce that they have finished the project.

The next time you walk into the store located at 4107 Hammond Avenue, things will look a whole lot brighter. For those not familiar, ReStore is a discount home improvement store that sells donated building materials at a discount. 100% of net proceeds support Iowa Heartland Habitat For Humanity and help build homes for local families.

Two Cedar Falls' high school seniors-to-be, Will Lynch and Harrison Redfern have been working with "LED Brighter Communities" over the past several months on organizing and coordinating the conversion of the entire building to 100% LED lighting.

Redfern said that "the project took us longer than expected. We ran into issues with light compatibility, sickness, and scheduling when it came to getting the lights up. However, because of all of the generous donors who provided us with extra funds, we were able to install better lights that will save the ReStore even more money than we initially predicted, helping to aid in their missions within the community."

Redfern added that "this is also one of the first large-scale projects for the new non-profit LED Brighter Communities. We hope that this success will aid in the completion of future projects to help organizations and people save money on their electric bills."

This project is just the beginning of LED Brighter Communities’ mission to help convert the Cedar Valley into a more energy-efficient community. And I'm sure this is just the beginning for these two enterprising young men as they show us all how to give back to our friends and neighbors.

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