If you despise drinking your favorite adult beverage out of that tiny hole out of the top of the aluminum pull-tab can, then this device will be perfect for you.

For only $25, you can grab The Draft Top tool and you can turn any aluminum can into a reusable cup.

BONUS: This contraption nearly ensures that you’ll be able to get every last drop of precious beer out of that can.

If the Draft Top is screaming your name, the price ‘ain’t too shabby’ either – it’s only $25. It will fit most 8 to 16 oz. aluminum cans and some 19-ounce cans with standard tops

According to huckberry.com:

The Draft Top turns your beer can into an open-top cup that immediately grants access to all the malty notes, hoppy aromas, and fruity esters that you’d otherwise miss out on.

…and hey, if you don’t like it, there’s a free 60-day return.

Full details of The Draft Top include:

  • A patented bar tool that removes the top of any standard beer can, turning it into a cup
  • Edge is incredibly smooth and safe
  • Allows the full experience of any beer by allowing the aromas to reach your nose
  • Excellent for adding garnishes to the side of the can
  • Saves time by not dirtying glassware
  • Perfect for camping and other outdoor activities where glass can’t go


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