Remember last year's "Polar Vortex"? How could you forget right? We are about to get a taste of that again over the next couple of days, but luckily, temperatures will recover into the 30's by Saturday.

Three of the things you don't want to hear about are headed to eastern Iowa..snow, wind and cold. Two weather systems will meet and make a for a rapid change in weather conditions. As we reported earlier this week Iowa may experience a "Flash Freeze". Along with that, brings "snow squalls", hard-hitting snow showers that don't last a long time but bring big impacts, especially when timed right during the evening commute home. "Snow squalls" can last around 30 minutes bringing low visibility and create snow-covered roads. Add in strong wind gusts up to 45 mph, this will make travel become very hazardous.

Courtesy - CBS2
Courtesy - CBS2

The snowfall forecast is for less than an inch north of a diagonal line from Vinton to Dubuque and 1-3 inches in areas to the southeast. The strong arctic front will bring some of the coldest temperatures of the season, with bitterly cold wind chills in the teens to 30's below zero by Thursday morning with highs struggling to reach the single digits on Thursday, and into the mid-teens on Friday.

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