What would YOU like for Valentine's Day? According to a new study by offers.com that ranks the top 5 gifts, Iowans top gift is a normal gift, but Iowa's 2nd favorite gift makes us wonder about people's lives behind closed doors. 

Offers.com recently conducted a study of the top Valentine's Day gifts across the United States by analyzing hundreds of gift related keywords to find out just what gifts are more popular over the Valentine's Day period versus the rest of the year. We also released a consumer insight survey that revealed Connecticut's favorite Valentine's Day treat (Chocolate Bar), favorite flower (Roses), and where Iowa's residents want to spend their Valentine's Day night (Dinner at a restaurant).

  1. Roses - Iowa's top gift is fairly common on Valentine's Day. Then why do we always here that women don't want roses? Straaaange
  2. Camcorder - Really!? Our second choice is a camcorder? Looks like Iowan's are enjoying a little bedroom filming. Maybe it's for performance review.
  3. Chocolate Truffles - That's also normal. We find it hard to make it home with a full box of them
  4. Eternity Ring - This is where this list gets spendy. We did a quick search, not a very deep search, and found these rings are well over $1,000. That's a bit much for a Valentine's Day gift.
  5. Floating Diamond Necklace - We didn't even know what these were until we searched for them. You can find these as low as $100 and as expensive as $10,000. We'll go for the $100 one.

In summary, Iowans aren't all that different from the rest of the country. The camcorder thing does throw us off though. We had no idea that Iowans were that naughty.

Click Here for more info on Valentine's Day from offers.com.


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